Transformation Management
Lex Ultima guides directors, officers, and stockholders of public and private corporations through the process of becoming a benefit corporation. We often use values based assessment tools and the Certified B Corporation assessment, which any business may take for free, to determine whether or not a business is ready to become a benefit corporation. 

We educate and inspire the board of directors, the executive team, stockholders, and a corporation’s other stakeholders to confidently adopt and embody the triple-bottom-line, dual-purpose, multiple stakeholder mindset required by this new approach to business.   

We work independently and in collaboration with other management consultants, change management experts and attorneys to guide corporations through this transformation with maximum buy-in and alignment. We also collaborate with leaders in the rapidly evolving field of sustainability accounting performance standards to provide comprehensive governance and accounting solutions appropriate for the impact economy

Transformational Leadership
The full participation of the CEO and the Chairman of the Board is essential to a successful transformation project. Lex Ultima works directly with these leaders to enable them to lead the process. We optimize their effectiveness as change agents by empowering them with knowledge of the hidden dynamics of leadership from evolutionary biology, the science of consciousness, neuroscience and other disciplines.

Benefit Director
The model benefit corporation legislation contemplates that benefit corporations have a specialized benefit director knowledgeable in this new corporate form and the evolved fiduciary responsibilities of its directors.

John Montgomery is available to serve as a director of public corporations to guide their board of directors and senior management through the transformation into a benefit corporation.

Executive Coaching
Benefit corporations with trust-based leadership have an additional evolutionary advantage over traditional corporations. 

Lex Ultima helps senior leaders lead from the heart by developing an authentic, trust-based executive presence which emanates a harmonious work environment and inspires peak performance.  We use traditional assessment tools to increase self-awareness and self-mastery.